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DSX-Core is a powerful option that allows setup and deployment of a security system without the need for a PC and Software. With a system interface for up to 32 Doors, DSX-Core is loaded with features including a Real Time Workstation, Email Notifications for Alarms and an array of Reports. The DSX-Core has panel ready R-232/485 ports to connect to any type of DSX Master Controller. Powered from the Controller, this Software Embedded device can be deployed quickly as a permanent or temporary solution. Locations are defined, secured and usable within minutes. Core is programmed using a laptop and browser and supports the most common Card Formats. Readers and Keypads are controlled by Time Zone, Anti-passback, Number of Uses, and Linking. Emergency Lockdown, Who-is-In Reporting and Email Notifications are also available. DSX-Core is an excellent solution for enterprise systems when the need arises to separate or sell a defined Location or building. The DSX-LAN module is simply removed and replaced by the DSX-Core.
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DSX-Core Embedded System


What Sets Us Apart

Straightforward Pricing without the hidden costs associated with most access control systems.
No charge for 24/7/365 Technical Support for authorized DSX Dealers.
No charge for missed software upgrades.
No required Annual Maintenance Contracts.
No Workstation Licensing Fees
No Charge for Adding Locations, Doors, or Client Workstations.
Uncompromising dedication to engineering and manufacturing. Every controller is tested for a minimum of 24 hours before shipment. DSX is committed to continual compatibility of all DSX panels with each software upgrade, so panels will not have to be replaced moving forward.

What We Offer

Fully Independent Intelligent Control Panels
Powerful Software built for Versatility for more...
Access Control / Point Monitoring
IP OnDemand Communications - NOW
Time Zone and Holiday Cloning - NOW
DSX-CRT - Card Read Translator - NOW
DSX-Core - Embedded System - NOW
AES-256 Encryption / Photo ID Badging
Password Protection and History Tracking
DVR/NVR Integration
HVAC and Elevator Control
Database Import Capability
Mobile Command Phone App
Mobile Workstation / Customizable Commands
Special Applications for more...
Emergency Lockdowns / Two Man Rule
Hazmat-Incident Response / Manager First
First Man In / Time Zone Control.....
Services for more...
DataBase Manipulation / Card Evaluations
Virtual Training Academy

Important Notice...

DSX is Working even when you are Not...

DSX Controllers

DSX Controllers are the most reliable in the Industry. Tested, Burned In and Shipped Daily around the World!

OSDP Reader Protocol

The new industry standard for encrypted RS-485 two wire communications. Learn how to protect your system from compromise without replacing equipment. Read More

Current Releases

Here are the latest Versions available from Authorized Dealers. DSX Software is always backward compatible making moving forward easy...

Software Release Control Document

  • WinDSX/5.1.15
  • WinDSX SQL/6.1.15
  • DSX CORE/1.5.9/1.18
  • DSX Controllers/3217
  • DSX Mobile App/1.25.24
  • DSX-LAN-D,IP-HUB/7.10
  • DSX-CRT2,4/1.5
  • L-85/
  • PC Master/
  • Soft I/O/
  • Authorized Dealer Training

    Authorized DSX Dealers may now purchase a DSX 1040 Training Package for certification of an unlimited number of technicians. All contents of the training package, including DSX Hardware and Software, Tech Binder, Reader and Cards are required for certification. The week of in-depth training includes web sessions, instructional videos, and a tech binder with quick reference cards. Certification is achieved through online testing and remote verification of system configurations specified in the course. For more information and Class Registration, email: Training@dsxinc.com