Integrated Solutions

Wireless Locksets | Video Integration | Card Holder API

Global Solutions to Real World Requirements

DSX offers a Variety of Integration Tools that allow other systems and devices to become part of the DSX System. Some of the most common integrations include: Wireless Locksets, Elevator Control, HVAC Control, Live and Recorded Video, and Card Holder Management.


DSX-L85 Software provides wired and wireless lockset integration by leveraging Virtual Hardware capabilities to accomodate non-controller based locks and readers. Locksets purchased from DSX do not require the purchase of a lockset license. The latest DSX-L85 Software supports AD-300, AD-400 and NDE locksets. For more information, click on the Cut Sheet to the left.

Integrated Locksets

DSX-L85 Integrated Locksets are highly adaptive and remarkably informative with the ability to report up to 14 unique states of condition. There are 6 basic modes of operation which can be found by clicking the Cut Sheet to the left. Integrated locksets combined with the power and flexibility of the DSX system provide a multitude of custom applications.

DSX Soft I/O

DSX Soft I/O is an open ended universal translator. Inputs and Outputs of other systems, such as elevator control, can be mapped as Virtual Inputs and Outputs in the DSX System. The full DSX feature set is available using the Virtual Inputs and Outputs. Available features include Linking, Alarm Reporting, Maps, Automatic Control, Manual Control and Full Visibility.

Video Integration

DVR/NVRs can be integrated with the DSX System to allow stored and live video from a DVR/NVR to be accessed within the DSX Software. Click Here for an updated list of DVR/NVR Manufacturers that are currently supported. There is an SDK available for those that want to integrate with a system not on the list. Contact Technical Support about obtaining the SDK at

DataBase Management API

Card Holders can be added, deleted and maintained from another system without compromising the integrity of the database. Using HR or enrollment databases, DSX DataBase Management outlines the use of the DSX Markup Language to allow for a seamless solution. Call DSX Technical Support for more information or help with the API. API information can be found in the API folder where the DSX software is installed and on the Software distribution Flash Drive.

Event Cast

Event Cast is an integration tool that allows the DSX System history, collected by the DSX Software, to be routed to another system for storage, review, or manipulation. This program polls the Comm Server PC for events and routes them to a serial port or an IP address. Contact DSX Technical Support for more information at

PC Master

PC Master is a program that replaces a Master Controller and allows IP communications to each DSX controller or cluster of controllers as determined by the environment and application. Each sub controller or cluster of sub controllers can have a DSX-LAN serial server for network connectivity. PC Master is a standard offering that comes on all WinDSX and WinDSX SQL software distribution media. The DSX-IP Hub performs the same function but in a module instead of PC Software.