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    Software and Hardware Development

  • WinDSX 6.0.33 to 6.0.30 Corrected bulk access level change to the temporary access levels. API excludes text files using UNIX encoding. Corrected Operators assigning Visitor Badges. Automatically emailed reports can now be sent as a row/column text file that can be imported into Excel.
  • V3214 Controller Flash Corrects 6 digit PINS in PIN only mode. Corrects NVRAM for versions above 3210.
  • API import files - now processed from the \WinDSX\API folder on the Client or Comm Server PC. 5.29 / 6.29
  • Check-In Verify - New feature in DSX that forces all card holders within a Location to use a Check-In Verification Reader before their card will work at any other reader in the system. 5.28 / 6.28
  • SC Command in API - Allows for all cards belonging to a card holder to be quickly deactivated or to have a future deactivate date set. 5.28/6.28
  • RWS-150/15/28 - Controller and Lock Power Modules New modules replace old. April 1 2019.
    The DSX-IP-HUB and DSX-LAN-D are released as of March 17, 2019.
  • TLS1.2 for Microsoft SQL Server
    TLS, short for Transport Layer Security, is an encryption protocol that protects data in transit from one server to another. The encryption protocol deploys whenever a web browser or application transmits data over a network. WinDSX Systems using Microsoft SQL Servers that are updating to use TLS1.2 only require a WinDSX SQL upgrade to be compatible. DSX Version 6.24 and higher will work with TLS1.2 and below.
  • In/Out Display of Names - Changed Live IN/OUT display to rebuild not just refresh every 10 minutes in 5.0.24/6.0.24.
  • Warning: Microsoft Update KB4480970
    Windows 7 and Server 2008 Causes File/Folder Shares to be inaccessi/ble.
    Shared folders will have to be reconfigured and DSX restarted.
  • Multiple Enhancements
    Starting in 5.19 / 6.19 - Scheduled Overrides now have a 1 minute resolution instead of 15 minutes.
  • Added the ability to delete multiple Names in the Card Holder list at once. Comm Server now supports TCP and UDP for ASCII Output to switchers and communicators. Database can now be run as a Service and as an App on the same PC at the same time. SQL Server names can now be up to 100 characters to support Cloud SQL Servers. When listing card holders by Name the Notes field will be displayed in the list.
  • Scheduled Override Report
    Starting in 5.15 / 6.15 Added the ability to print Scheduled Override reports for all locations instead of one location at a time.
  • Who Is In Muster Report
    Starting in 5.14 / 6.14 The Who Is In Report can be triggered from the Mobile Command phone app and the report can be emailed to a Group of people.
  • New DSX and Mobile Command
    5.0 Access and 6.0 SQL release June 1st 2017
  • DSX is ready for Windows 10 Professional®
    WinDSX 3.11.4 and higher and WinDSX SQL 4.10.11 are compatible with Windows 10 Professional® 32 and 64 bit Operating Systems.
  • HID 48 bit format
    DSX-3.10.10 / 4.10.10 and higher now have a Device Type to use with the new HID 48bit formatted cards.
  • Trend Micro AntiVirus
    There have been reports of AntiVirus programs attacking the WinDSX software causing a disruption in communication to DSX Workstations. The Workstation program will show a Comm Loss in the lower right hand corner until the Comm Server is restarted. The Comm Server error logs will show "System Resource Exceeded". If you are experiencing this type of problem, call DSX for assistance. In most cases you will need to make exceptions in the AntiVirus program.
  • Windows Update !!!! SQL Slowdown
    It has come to our attention that the Windows update below will cause a performance problem with WinDSX on Windows 2008 R2 and 2012 Servers.
    The slow down it causes may not be very noticeable on small systems but in large systems it is crippling. Downloads may appear to be stuck and not progressing under “Connection Summary” in Workstation, or they appear to be moving very slowly.
    Some customers have reported an issue that's related to the changes in this release. These changes added new cipher suites to Windows:
    To give customers more control over whether these cipher suites are used in the short term, we are removing them from the default cipher suite priority list in the registry. Customers who customized their cipher suite priority list should review their list after they apply this update to make sure that the sequence meets their expectations.
    Removing these cipher suites does not affect the security updates that are part of this release. On November 18, 2014, a new secondary package was added to the release for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 to achieve this. This new package is update 3018238.
    In order to resolve the problem with this Microsoft patch
    From the Start Menu go to command prompt, right click and select run as administrator (on the Comm Server)
    Then enter gpedit.msc
    This will open another window
    Then go to Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Network> SSL Configuration Settings
    Then double click on the SSL Cipher Suite Order on the right hand side
    Click the Enable button at the upper left
    Then Click OK, close all windows and reboot your pc
  • DSX-1040NV Non-Volatile Memory Processor
    This retrofit processor will retain its memory and allow a controller to be immediately operational upon power up without the need for a download from the WinDSX Communications Server. The DSX-1040NV Processor can be installed on all DSX-1040 Series and all DSX-1022 Controllers. The 1040NV will also work on a 1030PR5 retrofit processor for 1030 Series Controllers.
  • DSX SoftKey and Key Monitor Program
    Starting with Software Versions 3.9/4.9 the USB Features Key has been replaced with a new SoftKey. This softkey can used on new systems or it can migrate an existing hardware key on existing systems. The Key Monitor program will automatically run at the Comm Server and will run as a service if the comm server is configured to do so.
  • Access Levels Contain Device - Door Locator
    Starting in Version 3.7.134 / 4.8.93 Access Level has a new tab that will show the user which access levels contain a selected device. The data is displayed in a text box that can be copied and pasted into any other application for reporting, printing, and emailing. This new View streamlines the effort in locating all of the access levels that contain a specific user selected Device (door).
  • All Reader Access Audit Report / Device Access List
    This report known as the "Device Access List" is only available in the SQL Version of WinDSX. This report displays every door the searched for Card Holder(s) has access to in each location and the name of the Time Zone assigned to each door. The Report only includes Active Cards and displays the door and Time Zone information for the doors in the Active Access Levels assigned to the card whether they be Permanent or Temporary.
    The report includes the Name, Card Number, Location and Device Number, Door Name, and the Name of the Time Zone assigned to that door for each person in the report. Each Door listed has a sign off field for a checkmark or initials. The report is run under System/Reports/Card Holder/All Reader Tab.
  • FIPS 201 Approved Products List
    As of September 2011, DSX Access Systems, Inc. was on the Approved Products list for FIPS 201.
    (expired) FIPS 201 Approved Products List: #614
  • AES-256 Encryption Certification
    WinDSX and the 1040 Series Controllers have the ability to encrypt communications with AES-256. The implementation has been certified and is listed on the following NIST page. The page provides technical information about implementations that have been validated as conforming to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Algorithm, as specified in Federal Information Processing Standard Publication 197, Advanced Encryption Standard. List #s 1628 & 1629.
    This new Feature functions in both the WinDSX and WinDSX SQL software. DSX-AES256 bit encryption is available for panel and PC communications. Once purchased and enabled in the DSX Features Key there is an Encryption Key that can be implemented to encrypt communications between the Comm Server and the Workstations. There is also an encryption key that can be implemented optionally and individually for each Location. Once communication is encrypted from the Comm Server to the Master Controller the encryption is propagated to all controllers in that location.
    1. This feature requires firmware version 3181 or higher in all controllers.
    2. WinDSX 3.7.108 or WinDSX SQL 4.8.65 and higher.
    3. The AES-256 feature must be purchased and enabled in the USB Features Key.
  • Access Level History Audit Report Feature
    WinDSX SQL (only) 4.8.100 and higher will create a history of all changes that are made to a cards access level assignment. The changes can come from adding or removing access levels to a card or by editing an access level directly. The software will create a log of all changes that can be searched and produce reports. This is an optional feature that is enabled by the software features key. This report has its own title under System/Report/Access Level History
  • Alarm Emails and Text Messages can now use Free Email providers
    WinDSX 3.7.138 / 4.8.97 can now use Free Email providers such as GMail and Yahoo to send system alarms via email.
  • Add Companies through API
    The WinDSX DataBase Management API that allows outside manipulation of card holders can now be used to add companies into the DSX database. Starting with WinDSX 3.7.136 / 4.8.95
  • DSX-USB Communications Interface
    1/31/2011 marks the release of the new DSX-USB Communications Interface. This module is a USB to RS-232 or RS-485 Converter that can be used for DSX Controller communications. Look at the DSX Hardware page for a cut sheet on this module.
  • Webcam Support
    WinDSX SQL 4.8.87 and WinDSX 3.7.130 now support a USB WebCam to capture Card Holder images. Webcams do not require a USB Features Key.
  • Bar Code 128
    WinDSX will now accommodate Barcode 128 for badging systems with Bar Code requirements. There is a Healthcare variation to this for special bar code applications. Available in WinDSX SQL 4.8.82 and WinDSX version 3.7.125
  • Device Summary Report
    Workstation/Devices/Device Summary shows all of the controllers in the system along with controller model, amount of RAM, and Flash Version. This information can now be printed from System/Reports/Device Report. When running the Device Report select the Device Summary checkbox for a printout of the Controllers information instead of the database device programming. WinDSX and WinDSX SQL versions 3.7.118 and 4.8.76 and higher.
  • Workstation - List Locations by Name
    A new sort feature for Large systems with numerous Locations has been added. This feature allows you to list all of the Locations by Name instead of number in the Workstation program. This makes locating a particular input and output much simpler for the operator by allowing them to view the Locations in alphabetical order. Located under the Customize Menu. Available in WinDSX and WinDSX SQL versions 3.7.116 and 4.8.74 and higher.
  • Startup Map and Custom Sizes
    Starting in WinDSX 3.7.114 and WinDSX SQL 4.8.72 Maps can now be any size your hardware (PC and Monitor) will allow. In the past Maps had to be a particular size. Now the size of each map can be custom defined. There is also the ability to define a Startup Map that is displayed automatically each time the program is started. This Startup Map can be used to monitor the real time state of all inputs and outputs in the system (Alarm points and Locks) and display that status with a live ICON. Other more specific maps can be accessed through the Startup Map.
  • WinDSX is ready for Windows 7 Professional®
    WinDSX and WinDSX SQL are compatible with Windows 7 Professional® 32 and 64 bit Operating Systems. Before implementing Windows 7 make sure that your peripheral devices (cameras, printers) are supported by the new Operating System.
  • WinDSX and Integrated Biometrics
    With WinDSX 3.7.108 and WinDSX SQL 4.8.65 and higher the TRU-650 Integrated Biometrics fingerprint reader can be integrated and used in biometrics only or Card + Biometrics applications. With this seamless integration, system card holders are only entered into the WinDSX software and that data is passed to the Integrated Biometrics Application.
  • WinDSX SQL and Active Directory Authentication
    WinDSX SQL 4.8.65 and higher can now utilize complex logins and passwords facilitated by "Active Directory" in Windows™. Operator Logins can be authenticated by Active Directory instead of WinDSX. When WinDSX SQL receives a login from an operator it sends the login request to Active Directory (AD) for authentication. If AD authenticates the operator they are given access to the system according to the Password Profile assigned to them.
  • Backup SQL Server
    WinDSX SQL 4.8.65 and higher allows for the definition of both a primary and backup SQL Server and database path. If the primary SQL Server fails the software can be shut down and restarted and it will connect to the backup SQL Server and database path. DSX does not automatically reconcile the databases when the primary returns. This feature will facilitate off site backup SQL Servers that cannot use SQL Clustering for redundancy.
  • New Access Level Manager
    With WinDSX versions 3.7.108 and 4.8.65 and higher comes a new Access Level Manager. This new more efficient manager will create fewer access levels when combining levels across multiple locations. This will reduce the amount of memory required to store access levels in the panels. The trade off is that now when an access level is edited (door add or delete) every card that is assigned that access level will receive a new access level assignment. So editing an access level that is assigned to thousands of cards will cause an incremental update and download of thousands of cards which can take some time to complete. All cards will continue to work during the download but no other downloads can take place until it is complete. You will not see an immediate reduction in the number of access levels, unused access levels will not be removed until the system runs through daily ops at midnight on a Saturday. The first time you login after the upgrade there will be an access level upgrade process. This could take a while but will only occur once.
  • New DSX Dialup Modem
    Available April 2009 - Dialup Modem is still a viable communications method despite most people wanting to use their network for the communications. Not everyone has network connectivity to every location they need to communicate with. Central Stations use dialup communications to communicate with many remote managed sites. This modem comes with everything needed for any DSX dialup application. Beyond a doubt this is the best Modem ever sold for Access Control.
  • Alarm Email / Text Message Notification
    Alarms can now be emailed using an SMTP Server. Location, Device, and Inputs can be individually selected to send notification to Email Groups on Alarm. Email Groups can be one or multiple people each with a Time Zone that determines when the alarm can be emailed to that person. Email Groups are built from Card Holders that have an Email address in a designated UDF field. Available in WinDSX Versions 3.7.36 and 4.8.8 and higher.
    Alarms can also be sent to Cell Phones as Text Messages. Using the Alarm Email Notification feature, an email can be sent to a Cell Phone as a Text Message using the cell phone provider's SMS Gateway. Most Cell Phone providers have a SMS Gateway that will turn an Email into a Text Message and send it to the subscriber's phone.
  • Comm Server as a Service
    With this new WinDSX upgrade you can now have the Communication Server program run as a service without having a user logged into the windows operating system. This provides the ability for the Comm Server program to run on a manned or unmanned PC. Comm Server can be configured as a Service with WinDSX Versions 3.7.34 and WinDSX SQL Version 4.8.6 and higher. The DSX Software Features Key monitoring program or Keymon can also be run as a Service.
  • DSX Enclosures
    All DSX Enclosures now come standard with removable doors. Unlock, open, and remove the door is all you have to do during your install to get that door out of your way. DSX now offers the DSX-1040PE-B Battery Enclosure. Holds 10 – 12V 7AH Batteries - not included.