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Who We Are

DSX Access Systems, Inc.

DSX Access Systems, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Dallas, Texas since 1984. DSX Products are sold worldwide through a network of factory-trained dealers. Dealers are located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin and South America, Europe, Middle East, Australia and the Pacific Rim, Nigeria and many other countries.

DSX ‘s uncompromising dedication to engineering and manufacturing, coupled with a commitment to 24/7/365 product support, has always been a well-maintained priority. DSX Access Systems,Inc. is one of the most respected names in the security industry because of its concentration on providing products and service that exemplify Quality, Reliability and Integrity.

One Door To Enterprise Wide

Economies of Scale

DSX offers symmetrical scalability. Grow your system from one location and one PC to 32,000 locations and up to 999 PCs on a Wide Area Network. Intelligent Controllers and Integrated Locksets give DSX enormous flexibility and diversity. Take a look at the New DSX Software and features that is revitalizing Legacy systems and infusing them with new technology and wireless capabilities.

Start your system with one PC and one Door and grow it to the extent your organization requires. Once you have licensed the software to your Domain there are no licensing charges for growing it. You can add Card Holders, Doors, and Workstations without paying any additional licensing fees, just the cost of the expansion itself. Maintenance and Support agreements are not mandatory.


What We Do

What We are Proud Of

DSX Manufactures Hardware, Software, and Integrated Solutions for the Access Control and Security Industries. Based in Dallas Texas, DSX designs all Software and Hardware in house. "Integrated Solutions and real world applications are what we do best. 

Microsoft End of Life Support

Windows 7, Server 2008, Sql Server 2008

Microsoft has scheduled a stop date for the Support of Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. Server 2008 and 2008 R2 have the same stop date for support of January 14, 2020. SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 have a stop date for support of July 9, 2019. DSX can easily be migrated and upgraded to new servers and operating systems. Call Technical Support and let us help you plan your update.

Technical Support 7AM to 6PM Central Time  800-346-5288

DSX Technical Support
7AM - 6PM  Central Time







What is New

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Have You Seen?

NEW DSX - Mobile Command

DSX Software Version 5 and 6 are available June 1st. This Software has a new enhanced user interface and contains all of the sold-separate features from before. This DSX Software release includes a new Mobile Command Application for use with Apple and Android. The mobile app - DSX Mobile Command - is now available in the Apple and Android App Stores at no charge. This new app from DSX is like having the Workstation program in your smart phone.

DSX Version 5 replaces Version 3 Access and DSX Version 6 replaces Version 4 SQL. Both Versions come with upgrade instructions, a Movie to demonstrate how to use the Phone APP and a Power Point Presentation to show the differences of, and how to maneuver in, the new software. The instructions include procedures on how to upgrade your current DSX Soft Key and how to utilize DSX in a Virtual environment.

New Management Reports now contain "Last Use" and "Who is Not Here" Queries. The "Who is In" report is now card holder centric instead of card centric. Lots of great enhancements and features all rolled into one application.

Did You Know?

125kHz Prox has been Compromised!

In an effort to keep your facility secure it is important to periodically review security policies, practices, and technology. It has come to the public's attention that 125kHz Proximity Readers and Cards have become compromised. This long lasting and simple technology has finally fallen to compromise by those that would pick your lock to do you harm or those that simply want to show you that your lock can be picked. Regardless, it is now in every one's best interest to replace this older technology with something that is more secure.  Below is a Link to some recommendations as to how you can improve your security by implementing newer technology. DSX Security Review


RWS-150/15/28 Controller and Lock Power Supplies.  NEW

These new Power Supplies have the same Specifications as the old. The difference between the new and old are the mounting brackets.


Incident Response Plan

Emergency Response for Educational Facilities

Schools and Campuses need an Incident Response Plan. DSX can provide an integrated solution that facilitates the activation, action and notification of emergencies by locking down doors and altering access privileges while notifying staff and authorities. Proactive crisis planning is critical but, having a plan is not enough. Taking action quickly with clear communication must also be a requirement.

DSX can quickly reconfigure the access control system's operation and notify personnel of the emergency while initiating the appropriate action such as locking doors. WinDSX is a highly Integral solution that can be connected to other systems for a layered and well rounded approach.

Always involve your local authorities such as law enforcement and fire safety personnel to make sure your plan is compliant with local regulations. Here is a guide to performing a Lockdown. Use this to consider and even implement your plan.

DSX-L85  Integrated Locksets

New DSX-L85 Software / NDE

The L85 software provides a method to integrate wired and wireless locksets into a DSX Access Control System. The L85 software leverages its Virtual Hardware capabilities to accommodate non-controller based locks and readers. DSX-L85 accomodates AD-300 (wired) AD-400 (wireless) and the new NDE Series (wireless) Integrated Locksets. Click on the following Link that will provide more information on how to order these Locksets from DSX and get the software and licensing for free. Ordering Integrated Locksets from DSX. Allegion Sales Consultants Map


LAN Communication Modules

The first of new products is the DSX-LAN-D and the new DSX-IP-HUB. The DSX-LAN-D is an upgrade to the DSX-LAN. It now includes VLAN support. The DSX-IP-HUB is a communications distribution device that will route panel communications via IP over the customer network. In most cases it can replace PC Master software. This device is installed at the Master Controller and will communicate to standard LAN modules such as the DSX-LAN-D at each slave controller or cluster of controllers.


 Mobile Access

The New CONEKT comprises Farpointe Data’s mobile credential solution, utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to enable communication between a smart phone and Conekt mobile-ready readers. Stored and activated within the Conekt Mobile Wallet App, Conekt mobile credentials work in much the same manner as physical credentials, supporting 26-Bit Wiegand format, as well as custom Wiegand, ABA Track II magnetic stripe and serial data formats. They employ value-add features, such as MAXSecure™, and advanced data protection, such as AES encryption. Conekt access credentials, both traditional and mobile, can be ordered programmed to various formats in exact number sequence required. Just as with
traditional physical credentials, Conekt mobile credentials can also be private labeled with a company name, logo, phone number, web address, or other information.

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Current Releases

DSX Software / Controller Flash

The Versions listed below are currently shipping from DSX.

Software / Flash Release Date
Controller Flash
Mobile Command
Soft I/O (service)
L85 (nde)
PC Master
Date of last update  08/14/2019
Software Release
Control Doc



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Regional Sales Managers

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DSX Home Office

Contact Information

DSX Home Office

Ship to Address:
DSX Access Systems, Inc.
10731 Rockwall Road
Dallas, TX 75238

Mail to Address:
DSX Access Systems, Inc.
PO Box 550909
Dallas, TX 75355-0909

Phone Numbers:
Sales, Accounting, Order Entry
888-419-8353 / 214-553-6140

Technical Support

Fax Numbers:
Accounting and Credit inquiries

DSX Email:
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Australia / Pacific Rim:

ISCS Australian owned distribution company offering Access Control and Security Solutions to a wide variety of business’s and corporations.

Unit 3, 4 Narabang Way Belrose NSW 2085
Ph +61 2 9450 6500
Email: sales@iscs.com.au

Unit 22, 287 Victoria Rd, Rydalmere NSW 2116
Ph +61 2 8841 7450
Email: sales@iscs.com.au

Unit 2, 34 Wirraway Drive Port Melbourne, VIC 3207
Ph +61 3 9200 6700
Email: vic@iscs.com.au

61 Goodwood Rd, Wayville SA 5034
Ph: +61 8 8178 4382
Email: sa@iscs.com.au

Unit 8\4 Henry St, Loganholme QLD 4129
Ph: +61 7 3451 9300
Email: qld@iscs.com.au


International Markets

United Kingdom:
DISC House
100 Lees Road
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 161 624 0153
Fax: +44 (0) 161 785 8833
Email: info@discltd.com

Effiel Park Les Milles
13854 Aix in Provence cedex 3
Phone: 33 (0) 44-297-6247
Fax: 33 (0) 44-260-0454
Email: Ventes@cofadis.com

Latin America:
GPW Pro Consulting LLC
14908, Porter Road 
Winter Garden - 34787 - FL - USA
Phone: + 1 407-729-2437 / 2438
Email: eduardo@gpwpro.com claudio@gpwpro.com

Ricardo Carrasco
Total Shipping / Fouet
Rio Guadalquivir 66-301
Mexico City DF 06500 Mexico
Phone: 52-55-5207-0507 Ext: 301
Email: rcarrasco@fouet.com.mx

Middle East:
New Technology Security Systems
4th Floor Room 21 Royal Plaza
Al Saad - Doha
Phone : +974 4036 0887
Email: info@nwtch.com


Australia / Pacific Rim:
Seadan Security and Electronics
ABN 38 738 554 934
A division of Seadan International (Australasia) Pty Ltd ACN 006 711 673

Unit 7, 170 Forster Road,
Mt Waverley VIC 3149 
[03] 9263 0111

Unit 5, 142 James Ruse Drive,
Parramatta NSW 2150 
[02] 9354 0111

15-19 Hudson Road,
Albion QLD 4010         
[07] 3648 1111

Unit 4, 200 Balcatta Road,
Balcatta WA 6021
[08] 6241 1111

Unit 2, 157-161 Gladstone Street,
Fyshwick ACT 2609 
[02] 6131 9999



Available Class Dates

Dealer Class Dates:

Dealer/Tech - October 14 - 18  2019

Dealer/Tech - October 21 - 25  2019

Dealer/Tech - November 4 - 8  2019

Dealer/Tech - November 11 - 15  2019

Dealer/Tech - December 9 - 13  2019

Dealer/Tech - December 16 - 20  2019 


Administration Class Dates:

Administrator - October 7 - 9  2019
Administrator - December 2 - 4  2019


Advanced Dealer Class Dates:

DSX-L85 - October 30 - 31  2019 - Dallas

DSX-L85 - November 13 - 14  2019 - Chicago


If you would like more information please send an Email to
Training@dsxinc.com indicating which class you are interested in.