Updates and Upgrades

Instructions are shipped with all upgrade software.  Press F1 for Help and User Manual within the WinDSX Software.

Time Zone Linking Requirements

Time Zone Linking (Threat Level Management) and faster downloads are available with Software Versions 3.7/4.7 and higher. WinDSX SQL also offers Government PIF FIPs 201 card compatibility .

ALL controllers be one of the following:
        1040 Series Controllers
        1022 Controllers
        1032 Controllers WITH an upgrade 1030PR5 retrofit processor.
        ALL controllers in the location have firmware V3129 or higher
        New updated versions of PC Master and Soft I/O
        New Government CAC cards require firmware V3155 or higher in all controllers.


Combining 1040 and 1030 Series Controllers

The Master Controller should have the highest version of firmware in the system. The newer firmware is backward compatible. Older firmware is unaware of newer firmware. For systems that are growing largely in size by the number of doors and cardholders, and systems where there are a lot of card changes (adds and deletes) daily, it is advisable to upgrade the firmware in all existing controllers to be current and match the new controllers.

DSX has been providing access control panels “Controllers” for over 30 years. Through the years, DSX has continued to upgrade and improve on the controllers to meet customer needs. Our commitment to our dealers is to avoid any planned obsoleting of controllers. All controllers can work together, but there may be upgrades required to older panels for new features to work.

DSX 1040 Series and 1022 Controllers
        512K of RAM/Flash ROM
DSX 1030 Series Controllers
        64K of RAM standard- expandable to 192K with four 32K memory chips
DSX 1030PR5 Processor
        Will upgrade 1030 Series controllers to 512K of RAM/Flash ROM.
        These revised controllers are identified by the row of 7 diagnostic LEDs above the bottom terminal blocks
DSX 1021 Controller
        64K of RAM expandable to 96K with single 32K memory chip
        DSX 1021MX Memory expansion module. < No Longer Available   

New Features:
        Time Zone Linking (Threat Level Management)
        Faster Download Times
        Government PIV FIPs 201 Card Compatibility
        AES256 Encryption

Requirements for New Features:
        1040 Series Controllers must be running firmware V3166 or higher
        1032 Controllers must be upgraded with 1030PR5 processors & run firmware 3166 or higher
        1021 Controllers should be replaced with 1022 Controllers
        Government PIV FIPs 201 Card Compatibility requires WinDSX SQL version of software

Mixed Controller Systems:
When adding newer 1040 Series and 1022 Controllers to existing systems with 1030 Series and 1021 Controllers, the following guidelines must be followed:
        1. Master Controller must be a newer controller (1040 Series or 1022)
        2. 1030 Series and 1021 must be used as Slaves
        3. 1040 Series and 1022 Controllers require a minimum firmware V3080
        4. Install latest flash program and firmware version to the new controllers and DSX-LAN modules
        5. Check your software media or contact DSX Technical Support for the latest flash program and firmware.

        Bad Card Reads after Upgrade:
        Controllers with firmware versions below V3080 may experience bad card reads after upgrading.

Note /// If the U7 on the processor board is identified as 74HC04, a replacement processor is required.
If the reader stops working and you are not getting bad card reads, the Problem is most likely in the implementation of Stacked Device Types .


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